Young Archers
Young Archers

Young Archers

Morningside is a proud partner of the European project “Young Archers”. 
Young ArcHers is an Erasmus Plus (KA2) project which targets primary school teachers and their students (9-12 years old). Drawing inspiration from heritage buildings and monuments constructed between 1850 and 1960 in Paris, Athens, Barcelona and Nicosia, the project provides training materials and accessible interdisciplinary tools.
In the context of the project, two walking routes will be developed in the old and new part of the city. The teachers will be trained on how to motivate and support their students to discover their local built heritage through research. After the collection of data, children will engage themselves in sharing this information with others (through storytelling, performances, animation, comics, etc.) and acting as active citizens where necessary (i.e.,
communicating issues identified to the relevant authorities).
Through this project teachers will have the opportunity to actively engage children in learning related with the local and European history, architecture, cultural heritage, industrial history, modernity, tradition, environmental challenges, active citizenship, social responsibility, and many other subjects that are horizontally related with the topic of build environment.
The project has a duration of 2 years, and we are currently in the process of developing the educational material.
Please find below the link to the project’s website