Outdoor learning

Beyond the Classroom

At Morningside, education transcends the confines of the traditional classroom, embracing both indoor and outdoor environments throughout the day and embarking on enriching field trips across Cyprus. Guided by the Montessori philosophy, our children are nurtured to become stewards of nature, caring for plants and flowers, tidying up litter, and delving into the intricacies of Earth's systems and our environment.

Immersing in nature is fundamental to children's growth and development. Through our outdoor education program, students come together as a community to explore the natural world. Moreover, these outdoor excursions offer students the freedom to discover, engage in imaginative play, and foster teamwork and leadership skills.

Venturing out is deeply ingrained in our pedagogical approach because no classroom can fully answer all of a child's inquiries. Unlike traditional field trips, which are typically adult-planned, going out is a student-driven extension of classroom learning. It provides children with firsthand experiences and opportunities to acquire essential skills. Each outing is carefully linked to specific learning objectives, including historical comprehension, environmental consciousness, and peace education. Students actively participate in planning each trip, from selecting destinations to making reservations and organizing transportation. This hands-on involvement equips them with practical life skills indispensable for their future endeavors, such as making phone calls, arranging reservations, and navigating public transportation.

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