Peace Education

At the core of our educational programs lies peace education, a fundamental tenet of the Montessori philosophy. Given our country's history of conflict, fostering cultural integration among the new generation holds promise not only for Cyprus but also for the broader Middle East. Whether addressing interpersonal disputes or combating bias and bullying on a larger scale, our curriculum emphasizes conflict resolution and the celebration of diversity as essential pillars of our ethos. We firmly believe in fostering empathy and understanding among individuals to cultivate a culture of peace.

Recognizing the importance of language in fostering mutual understanding, Morningside Montessori Elementary stands as the country's first primary school where all three languages—Greek, Turkish, and English—are embraced and taught. Our approach to history education transcends narrow nationalism, instead emphasizing humanism. By critically examining the past through multiple narratives and perspectives, our history curriculum encourages students to engage in thoughtful discussion and contextualize historical events.

Peace Table

Peace Table is one of the tools offered in a Montessori setting that teaches children the social and emotional skills needed to self-regulate and calmly resolve a disagreement. Conflict resolution is an important life skill that is essential in life, not only for children but also for adults. At our school we have a small table that is a designated “peace table”, a space that children are trained to use whenever they feel the need to discuss a disagreement or resolve a conflict. On the table there is a “peace flower”, which is used to regulate the discussion. Only one child can speak at a time, and that child may hold the “peace flower” while they speak. The other child gets to carefully listen to what it was that upset his/her friend, without interrupting. When they are done, they pass the flower to the other child, who may then speak and share their own emotions in response. Children can take turns speaking until they reach a resolution that they both agree on.

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